Monday, March 18, 2013

Jane A. Gordon Flower Jewelry

Flower Power from Jane A. Gordon

I love gardening. It is a passion with me and I spend many hours every week tending my flower garden. Spring is almost here in NC, and my bulbs are starting to spring up everywhere. The daffodils are out and my tulips will be next.

With such an interest in gardening, it will be no surprise that I particularly love flower jewelry too.  I am always on the lookout for new flower jewelry designs.

One designer that I recently discovered is Jane A. Gordon.  She makes many different styles, but also does collections and many of these are flower themed.  One of her collections is the daisy collection.  (my birth month flower!)

From her website:  A celebration of nature in form and color, The Daisy Collection reflects nature's undeniable beauty, interpreted in the staggering variety of colors given to us by the earth. Both the petals and the interchangeable centers of the flowers are available in any stone, which can then be combined with many different necklaces. If there is a color in your imagination, it has been given to us by the earth in the form of a stone. 

The daisies are available in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and enhancers. In this ultra feminine collection - more is more! The daisies can be layered in one or two colors, or a rainbow variety. The glittering romance of this flowered jewelry lends itself to the subtlety of one daisy alone, or a virtual wearable garden. They never overwhelm the wearer, but enhance her with a natural shimmering element of glamour and assist her in expressing her unique and personal style. 

Here are a few of her creations from the daisy collection:

daisy necklace

daisy bracelet

daisy earrings

daisy necklace

daisy necklace

Jane A. Gordon jewelry is available  by retail venues including Saks Fifth Avenut, Fortunoff, Cyrstal Cruises, and Royal Caribbean Cruises.   

For a great selection of flower jewelry, in the vintage era, please visit my website, Vintage Jewelry Lane.  

What do you think of the look?  Love it or leave it?


  1. A beautiful collection of jewelry. I especially love the pearl choker necklace. You also have a very neat collection of jewelry on your selling sites.

    1. Thanks Linda. You just made me think of something to add to this post.

  2. Thanks kindly for this post...I just LOVE the daisyears.jpg...mesmerizing!!

  3. @ Mike, check out also David Andersen designs on Carol's post on March may like these as well...they were my favorite!!

  4. What a nice surprise stumbling across this article about my jewelry. Thank you for your kind words. If you are interested in having some for yourself, or seeing more designs, feel free to contact me. I have many more designs inspired by nature, and many filled with symbolism about finding joy.




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