Friday, March 1, 2013

Eyelash Jewelry - Not for the Squeamish

Dress up your Eyes with Eyelash Jewelry

I have never been one for false eyelashes.  I had a minor attempt at using them as a teen and decided it was too much work, and I didn't really like the look anyway.  But I may be in the minor.  Long lushes eyelashes seem to be a coveted make up prize. But what about wearing eyelash jewelry?

Natalie Russo, a 21 year old native of Vermont has come up with a line of eyelash jewelry which is setting the Etsy world on fire.

The jewelry is comprised of wire, feathers, and tiny clay charms.  Each pair of the handmade adornments expresses a theme - from fairly simple to simply outrageous. The designer has a fondness for those that glow in the dark.

Shine on Yahoo recently had an interview with Russo.  In it she explains how she came to make the designs plus other inside scoop.  How it all started?  Natalie states: "when I was a teenager, I couldn't afford to spend money on regular false eyelashes that would fall apart. I experimented with using eyelash glue to adhere gems and small beads to my eyelashes. I then began attaching the beads together with wire and found that it made them easier to apply. When I turned 18, I was able to start selling my designs."

Priced from $7 to $60, this young designer seems to have a nice little business on her hands.  Here are a few of her designs.  You can see more in her Etsy Store EyelashJewelry

What do you think of the look?  Is it something you would wear?

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